Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sato Ryuta reveals on TV that his third child was born in May this year

Sato Ryuta revealed during his variety show "Lion no Guu Touch" on 24 December (every Saturday at 9.55am) that his third child was born more than six months ago in May this year. At the ending of the programme, he suddenly revealed this fact which led to his co-host Hakata Daikichi to express surprise. Sato admitted that he had no chance to talk about this earlier so he decided to come clean with it by the end of the year. Upon hearing this, Daikichi teased Sato that this will become an Internet hot topic minutes after the broadcast which led the latter to comment smilingly that he is OK with that.

According to Sato's agency, there are no plans to announce the details about his third child going forward other than the fact the baby was born in May.

Sato got married in 2009 to his wife who is 6 years younger than him and their daughters were born in 2009 and 2014.

Source: Oricon

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