Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas event of TV Asahi drama SP "Fukigen na Kajitsu SP ~ Sannenme no Uwaki ~"

The Christmas event of TV Asahi drama SP "Fukigen na Kajitsu SP ~ Sannenme no Uwaki ~" was held on 24 December which was attended by cast members Kuriyama Chiaki, Ichihara Hayato, Yamamoto Yusuke and Minamisawa Nao. The SP is the sequel to the drama series shown in spring this year and is set three years later where the key characters are involved in a messy web of relationships. Besides the original cast members of Kuriyama, Ichihara, Takanashi Rin, Inagaki Goro, Hashimoto Manami and Rokkaku Seiji, the new additions to the cast include Yamamoto, Minamisawa and Megumi.

Kuriyama remarked that although she and Inagaki's characters had gone their separate ways in the drama series, he has a pivotal role in this SP and called upon viewers to look out for him. She also revealed that Yamamoto who plays her new love interest, seems more excited when acting with Ichihara who plays her husband than with her and joked that she felt a bit jealous. Upon hearing this, Yamamoto commented that this was because he had always thought of Ichihara as his idol and the latter was the reason why he wanted to become an actor so it was natural for him to react as such. As for acting in a romance story, Yamamoto said that he hardly had the chance to do something like this so it had been a very refreshing experience for him.

The two-part drama SP will be shown on 6 January 2017 and 13 January 2017 at 11.15pm.

Sources: Oricon / Sponichi

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