Sunday, December 18, 2016

Uchida Rio to be the heroine in the drama and movie versions of "Tomodachi Game"

Uchida Rio will be taking on the heroine's role in the upcoming drama and 2 movie adaptations of popular manga "Tomodachi Game" which features Yoshizawa Ryo as the lead. The drama and movies are based on the same-titled manga currently serialised in "Bessatsu Shounen Magazine" by Yamaguchi Miko and Sato Yuuki.

The story describes how Katakiri (Yoshizawa), a senior high school student who had been taught by his mother to value friendship over money, gets involved in a mysterious game "Tomodachi Game" with four of his classmates i.e. Mikasa Tenji who is the No.1 at school in terms of academic performance, Sawaragi Shiho (Uchida) who is the daughter of a police detective and vice chairman of the class committee, Shibe Makoto who is the moodmaker of the group and a politician's son and Kokorogi Yutori who is an anime lover. However, the game inevitably creates situations where Katakiri has to doubt his friends despite the fact that he has to trust them in order to win it.

The drama and movies will be shown in 2017.


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