Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Komatsu Nana & Yamamoto Koji to star in NHK inter-connected dramas "Akai no Shou" & "Kuro no Shou"

NHK will be producing its first inter-connected dramas "Akai no Shou ~ Keishicho Shomugakari Hitomi no Jikenbo ~" (Red Chapter ~ Metropolitan Police Department General Affairs Hitomi's Case File) and "Kuro no Shou ~ Bengoshi Shirai Shinnosuke no Daisainan ~" (Black Chapter ~ The big disaster of lawyer Shirai Shinnosuke) which will be shown via the NHK general channel and BS Premium channel from 22 February and 26 February respectively. "Akai no Shou" which consists of 4 episodes and will be shown on Wednesdays at 10.25pm, features Komatsu Nana as the lead character Nakano Hitomi who works in the general affairs department of Metropolitan Police Department and checks the expense claims submitted by the police officers very strictly. Having been raised by a father who was a fraudster, Hitomi has the ability to pick up clues from criminal cases. While making use of a fellow police officer Sotogawa (Koike Keisuke) who was caught with discrepancies in his claims and the wicked lawyer Shirai Shinnosuke (Yamamoto Koji), Hitomi tries to get to the truth behind the serial murder case.

In "Kuro no Shou" which consists of 4 episodes and will be shown on Sundays at 10pm, Shirai who goes for profitable cases only, gets a case asking him to retrieve a famous painting stolen by the criminal of a robbery and murder case. While negotiating with the criminal without the police's knowledge, he gets the painting back but ends up being framed as the criminal instead. In order to clear his name, Shirai works with Sotogawa and Hitomi to overcome the crisis.

Other co-stars include Kinoshita Houka, Sano Hinako, Horibe Keisuke, Owada Shinya and Kitarou.

Source: Oricon

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