Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The 8th Most Desired Male Faces Ranking (Oricon)

This is an annual survey conducted by Oricon on 500 men from their teens to 50s where they select the male celebrities who they feel have the faces that they desire to have. Fukuyama Masaharu who had won the No.1 title for 5 years in a row, entered the hall of fame in 2014 so is no longer included in this ranking.

Numbers in brackets indicate the position held by the celebrity in the previous year's ranking. If the person had not been part of the top 10, a dash is indicated instead:

1) Dean Fujioka (-)

2) Takenouchi Yutaka (9)

3) Sato Takeru (10)

4) Mukai Osamu (5)

5) Kimura Takuya (1)

6) Tsumabuki Satoshi (-)

7) Fukushi Souta (2)

8) Tamaki Hiroshi (-)

9) Sakurai Sho (8)

10) Yamazaki Kento (-)

Source: Oricon

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