Friday, December 02, 2016

Hayashi Kento & Kawaei Rina to star in new NHK BS Premium drama SP "Aozora Cut"

Hayashi Kento and Kawaei Rina will be starring in the new NHK BS Premium drama SP "Aozora Cut" which will be shown on 15 March 2017. This is Kawaei's first heroine role in a NHK drama. Filming will be done in Osaka at the beginning of the year.

The drama which is set in Nishinari Ward of Osaka City, features Hayashi as a hairstylist who clashes with his father (Yoshida Kotaro) who operates a beauty salon. Through the conflicts, the two of them gradually come to terms with their differences and the son rediscovers the charm of the town where he was born and raised. Kawaei's character will be an employee at the salon. As the story is set in Osaka, the cast will speak mostly Kansai-ben in the drama.

Source: Nikkansports

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