Saturday, July 15, 2017

WOWOW to show real-life adaptation drama of Sasaki Jou's novel "Chinmoku Houtei" from September 2017

WOWOW will be producing the real-life adaptation drama of Naoki Award winner Sasaki Jou's legal mystery novel "Chinmoku Houtei" (The Silent Court) which will be shown from 24 September this year in the Sundays 10pm timeslot and consists of 5 episodes. The story starts off with the discovery of the body of an elderly person living alone in Akabane, Kita Ward of Tokyo who was strangled to death. While conducting investigations into the murder, the police detectives at Akabane Police Station and those from the Metropolitan Police Department get a tip-off from nearby residents that a woman had been visiting the victim's apartment often. It was later found that the woman named Yamamoto Miki is the sole owner of a household chores helper business. When the police officers head to Miki's office, they are surprised to see the Saitama Prefectural Police already there to investigate a series of unnatural deaths supposedly linked to her. Through the trial, it is slowly revealed who Miki is and the truth behind these cases starts to unravel as media attention heats up to label her as a serial murderer even before the verdict is out. However, Miki clams up during the trial when it is her turn to testify instead of trying to clear her name.

Besides the courtroom action, the story includes various exciting elements such as the police's efforts in trying to nab the real culprit, the intense media attention which aims to steer public opinion and the social trends linked to poverty. Sasaki commented that this novel was his first legal suspense novel and the tug-of-war in the courtroom to prove and disprove Miki's guilt will keep viewers guessing till the end. He is also eager to see how Miki's life will be depicted in the drama through the eyes of those who believe in her, the police and the media.

Sources: / Oricon

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