Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kohara Yuki & Yada Akiko to return in "Bokura no Yuuki Miman City 2017"; new supporting cast members announced

Former Johnny's Jr Kohara Yuki and actress Yada Akiko will be making their return in the new NTV drama SP "Bokura no Yuuki Miman City 2017" starring KinKi Kids which will be shown at 9pm on 21 July. The two of them appeared in the original drama series shown in 1997 which described how a group of underaged teenagers and children became the only survivors after a micro-organism caused the death of all the adults. In the lawless and chaotic situation, Yamato (Domoto Koichi) and Takeru (Domoto Tsuyoshi) took the lead to achieve peace and order with the help of their friends. Kohara played Kiichi, the best friend of Yamato who was the reason why the latter went to Makuhara from Nagoya while Yada played Suzuko, Yamato's girlfriend during their senior high school days.

Kohara was a very popular Johnny's Jr member before he quit from Johnny's Jimusho at the age of 20 in the year 2000 and left showbiz. Although it was thought that it would be difficult to get him to return for this SP especially since Kohara is working in a company now, Kohara revealed that he was shocked when the producer came looking for him. However, since this year is KinKi Kids' 20th anniversary and this drama SP is meant to mark this special occasion, he decided to appear in the drama so as to make a small contribution. As he had not acted for a long time, he is very nervous about this and hopes that everyone will look upon him favourably.

As for Yada, she commented that the drama series left a huge impression on her who was 18 years at that time. After 20 long years, she is glad and grateful to be able to appear in the SP again especially since it is rare to play the same character and show how Suzuko has grown over the years.

In addition, the new supporting cast members were announced to be Mukai Osamu and Kansai Johnny's Jr Michieda Shunsuke. Mukai will be playing a key person in the organisation at odds with Yamato and Takeru while Michieda will play the student of Yamato who has become a teacher. Mukai said that even though he was not involved in the original drama, he is grateful to be given the chance to take part in this SP. As for Michieda, he expressed his joy to be able to participate in this SP and described his character who belittles the world but is the type to do anything for the things he firmly believes in.

Source: Oricon

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