Thursday, July 06, 2017

Drama version of "Itou-kun A to E" to be shown this summer; supporting cast line-up for movie announced

The drama version of new movie "Itou-kun A to E" comprising of 8 episodes will be shown via TBS and MBS from 15 Aug and 20 Aug respectively in the Tuesdays 1.28am and Sundays 12.50am timeslot. In contrast with the movie version starring Okada Masaki and Kimura Fumino as double leads, the drama version will feature Kimura Fumino as its sole lead. The movie will be shown in cinemas in 2018.

The film is based on the same-titled romance novel by Yuzuki Asako which was published in 2013. Okada plays Itou Seijirou, a self-centred man who thinks very highly of his appearance and is insensitive to others' feelings. As a result, he always causes the women he meets to suffer due to his character flaws. On the other hand, Kimura plays Yazaki Rio who is a scriptwriter and keeps her true thoughts about other people hidden within. While trying to create a drama script about people's romance woes, she begins interviewing four women who she nicknames as A, B, C and D. Coincidentally, the four of them are all in love with Itou who is a student at the scenario writing school where Rio works as a lecturer. As Rio continues to observe what happens between the four women and Itou, she finds herself embroiled in this romance whirlpool and becomes the 5th women E. The drama version will describe events which happen before the movie version and will describe Itou-kun from the perspectives of the women A, B, C and D.

The actresses playing A to D were also announced to be: A - Shimabara Tomomi (Sasaki Nozomi), B - Noze Shuuko (Shida Mirai), C - Aida Satoko (Ikeda Elaiza) and D - Jinbo Miki (Kaho). Other members in the cast include Tanaka Kei who plays Tamura Shinya, a producer and used to be Rio's partner, Nakamura Tomoya who plays Kusumi Kentaro, a popular and young scriptwriter threatening Rio's career prospects and Yamada Yuki who plays Okita, an original character in the drama version.

Kimura described the story as a gathering of flawed people who have their own faults. With regard to her character Rio, she is a person who ends up getting hurt as well when she hurts others and doesn't chase after people but also doesn't reject those who come to her. Many women may find themselves agreeing and identifying with the behavioural traits of these sorry women which will serve as a good reflection of themselves. As for Sasaki, she described her character Tomomi as a pitiful woman who tries hard to be liked by Itou-kun but gets treated like trash while Shida said that Shuko is probably an even worse person compared to Itou-kun as she is reluctant to come out from her shell and change herself. As for Ikeda, she commented that Satoko knows what is love and hankers for it so much but just cannot find the right way to get it while Kaho said that her character Miki who boasts of high qualifications, contains a mix of traits from the other women and is so serious about everything that she even wants to offer her virginity to him even though he has other women in the sidelines.

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