Sunday, December 11, 2016

Supporting cast lineup of new movie "Sensei!" announced

The supporting cast lineup of new movie "Sensei!" starring Ikuta Toma and Hirose Suzu was announced. In this movie, Ikuta plays the role of a senior high school teacher Ito Kousaku while Hirose plays his student Shimada Hibiki who falls in love with him.

Ryusei Ryo will play the role of Kawai Kousuke and Morikawa Aoi plays Chigusa Megumi who are both members of the same archery club at school which Hibiki belongs to and are supporters of Hibiki's romance. Kentaro will play the ace archer Fujioka Yusuke from the archery club of Kita Senior High School which is the rival of Hibiki's school Minami Senior High School and falls for Hibiki after meeting her at an archery competition. Nakamura Tomoya plays Sekiya Masato who is Ito's colleague while Higa plays Nakajima Sachiko who is an arts teacher at the same school as Ito and wooed aggressively by Kousuke who is her student.

The movie will be shown in autumn 2017.

Sources: / Oricon

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