Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Billboard Japan's Year-End Charts 2016 - Top 20 from Singles Sales

Here is the top 20 of the bestselling singles CDs:

1) Tsubasa wa iranai - AKB48

2) Kimi wa Melody - AKB48

3) High Tension - AKB48

4) LOVE TRIP / Shiawase wo wakenasai - AKB48

5) Sayonara no Imi - Nogizaka46

6) Hadashi de Summer - Nogizaka46

7) I seek / Daylight - Arashi

8) Harujion ga sakukoro - Nogizaka46

9) Fukkatsu LOVE - Arashi

10) Chikin LINE - SKE48

11) Power of the Paradise - Arashi

12) Sekai ni wa ai shikanai - Keyakizaka46

13) Boku wa inai - NMB48

14) Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai - SKE48

15) Saikou kayo - HKT48

16) Silent Majority - Keyakizaka46

17) Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana - SMAP

18) 74 Okubun no Ichi no Kimi e - HKT48

19) Amagamihime - NMB48

20) Maji SUNSHINE - Hey!Say!JUMP

Source: Billboard Japan


Himitsu_17 said...

It's been a while that Arashi isn't able to top the yearly single charts with AKB, but Nogizaka46 sure are high too. Twice better than I seek / Daylight..

Happy to see JUMP there. Really impressive "jump" of popularity :D Hope they keep it going for their 10th anniversary.

There is a mistake in the name of Hey!Say!JUMP's song : It's Maji SUNSHINE ;)

Thanks for all these articles :)

Chiaki said...

Hi Himitsu_17, thank you for pointing out the mistake in the song title. I have corrected that accordingly.

As for AKB, the issue is that their annual election is tied to the sales of their singles i.e. you get one voting form per CD. There have been news of how hardcore fans would buy a lot of copies just to get the voting form to support their favourite members. In this instance, it is impossible to beat them unless you do the same thing. Even if Arashi releases multiple versions of the same single to entice fans (different covers or freebies), the effect is still somewhat limited as seen from the numbers.

Since a number of years ago, Arashi has not been able to grab the top spot for singles' sales but thankfully, they do well enough in the albums and DVDs categories. In terms of total sales in yen, they actually earn more from their music compared to AKB since albums and DVDs are way more expensive than singles.

Seems like Nogizaka and Keyakizaka are doing quite well too so it will be worth seeing if they can grab a piece of the idol's pie from AKB which has been dominating this area for some time.