Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Billboard Japan's Year-End Charts 2016 - Top 20 from Hot 100

Billboard Japan released the results of its year-end charts for 2016 so I will be posting the lists from some of the categories which relate more to the Japanese music scene. The results were tabulated based on the period from 23 November 2015 to 27 November 2016.

First up is the Hot 100 list whereby points are given to the single or album CD based on areas such as sales, search data, Twitter mentions, the number of times which the PV was played online and the number of downloads. Only the top 3's points were mentioned so I have indicated as such in brackets behind the names of the CDs.

As the list is very long, I will only mention the top 20 here. If you are keen to check the full list, please refer to the source:

1) Tsubasa wa iranai - AKB48 (178,788.50)

2) Kimi no na wa - RADWIMPS (176,963.20)

3) Koi - Hoshino Gen (172,332.81)

4) Kimi wa Melody - AKB48

5) Sekai ni hitotsu dake no Hana - SMAP

6) Pen Pineapple Apple Pen - Pikotaro


8) High Tension - AKB48

9) SUN - Hoshino Gen

10) Silent Majority - Keyakizaka46

11) Torisetsu - Nishino Kana

12) Wherever you are - ONE OK ROCK

13) Sayonara no Imi - Nogizaka46

14) Umi no Koe - Urashima Taro / Kiritani Kenta

15) Hadashi de Summer - Nogizaka46

16) I seek - Arashi

17) Mirai - Kobukuro

18) Christmas Song - back number

19) Harujion ga sakukoro - Nogizaka46

20) R.Y.U.S.E.I. - Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE

Source: Billboard Japan

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