Friday, November 06, 2015

Tabata Tomoko reportedly injured due to failed suicide attempt? - Updated

Tabata Tomoko suffered an injury to her wrist at her house in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, in the morning on 5 November. According to her agency, Tabata was cooking in the morning when she tried to cut a pumpkin which she had just washed but her hands accidentally slipped thus causing the knife to cut her left wrist. As the bleeding could not be stopped immediately, Tabata called for an ambulance on her own and was discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment. Tabata's agency said that she was originally scheduled to be on leave today and is spending time alone at home.

However, some news programs in the same evening reported that Tabata's injury was due to a failed suicide attempt and that she had consumed sleeping pills before cutting her wrist. In addition, the reports even claimed that police officers were at her apartment to investigate the case. Despite these reports, Tabata's agency denied that she had tried to take her life and stressed that she was indeed injured due to the accident.

Update from Sanspo:
- The accident was said to have taken place in her boyfriend i.e. actor Okada Yoshinori's apartment, not Tabata's. They were first romantically linked in 2011.

- According to residents near Okada's place, there was an ambulance at his apartment block during the time when the accident reportedly happened.

- Okada had been working in the suburbs and returned to Tokyo that morning when he reportedly found Tabata injured at his apartment. The couple live within walking distance from each other.

Source: Nikkansports / Sanspo

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