Monday, November 30, 2015

Tamura Masakazu to star in TV Asahi drama SP "Chihoushi wo kau Onna ~ Sakka Sugimoto Ryuji no Suiri"

Tamura Masakazu will be starring in the new TV Asahi drama SP "Matsumoto Seicho Drama SP Chihoushi wo kau Onna ~ Sakka Sugimoto Ryuji no Suiri" (Matsumoto Seicho Drama SP The Woman who buys the local newspaper ~ Writer Sugimoto Ryuji's deduction) which will be shown next year. The drama SP which is based on the same-titled novel by Matsumoto and published in 1957, features Tamura as the writer Sugimoto Ryuji who tries to investigate a suspicious woman played by Hirosue Ryoko with the help of his assistant played by Mizukawa Asami. Both Hirosue and Mizukawa had played Tamura's daughters respectively in 2002's TBS drama "Otousan" and 2001's FujiTV drama "Sayonara Ozu-sensei" so he is extremely heartened to see their growth as actresses over the years while feeling his own "deterioration" and jokingly refers to himself as the old actor who is trying to see when he should quit. Co-stars include Katase Nana and Sano Shiro.

Sugimoto Ryuji (Tamura) moves from Tokyo to Kanazawa as his new novel is being serialised in a local newspaper published in Ishikawa Prefecture. Although his novel is enjoying a lot of popularity, Sugimoto's suspicion is aroused when Shiota Yoshiko (Hirosue), a mamasan working at a nightclub writes a letter to the newspaper publisher and asks to subscribe to the newspaper for the sake of reading the novel. However, in just a few days, Yoshiko sends another letter asking to terminate her subscription and complains that the novel is boring. While scouring the newspaper with his assistant Tasaka Fujiko (Mizukawa) on that day to find the reason for Yoshiko's change in attitude, Sugimoto becomes convinced that Yoshiko was actually not interested in his novel but just wanted to reach about the double suicide case involving a couple and decides to pay a visit to Yoshiko in Tokyo.

The filming of the drama SP started in the beginning of this month at Wajima on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Source: Sanspo

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What a pity they're not Nakatani and Fukuda too.