Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oda Yuji to star in new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai"

Oda Yuji will be starring in a new movie "Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai" which is his first movie in 4 years since 2012's "Odoru Daisousasen THE FINAL Aratanaru Kibou". The new movie which will be shown in autumn 2016, is based on the same-titled novel by Higuchi Takuji and features Oda as a TV programme writer who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and said to be dying in six months. For the sake of his wife and son, he tries to find a new marriage partner for his wife so that he can die without regrets. His wife will be played by Yoshida Yo while the "ideal" marriage partner will be played by Harada Taizo. As for the owner of the dating agency who is also a good friend of Oda's character, she will be played by Takashima Reiko. The director of the film will be Miyake Yoshishige who had worked in the movie " Kencho Omotenashika" while the script will be written by Kaneko Arisa who had been responsible for works such as "Densha Otoko" in the past.

"Boku no tsuma to kekkon shite kudasai" was made into a stage play starring Uchimura Teruyoshi last year and the actor also acted in the drama version shown from May this year via NHK.

Filming will begin from 20 November.

Source: Net Labo / Sanspo

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