Friday, November 13, 2015

Hirosue Ryoko & Uchida Yuki to work together in new FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Naomi to Kanako"

Hirosue Ryoko will be starring in the upcoming FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Naomi to Kanako" which begins its run from January 2016 in the Wednesdays 10pm timeslot. The drama which is based on the same-titled novel released last year by Naoki Award winner Okuda Hideo, features Hirosue as the lead character Oda Naomi who works in the institutional customers section of a departmental store and is a strongheaded career woman who had a dream instead of her current job. Naomi finds herself making no progress in her career and is unhappy over it. When she visits Hattori Kanako, her best friend from their university days, at the latter's home, she finds out that Kanako has bruises on her face and that Kanako had been physically abused by her husband. Even though Naomi suggests that Kanako should get a divorce, she is too scared to do so. Soon after, Naomi goes on a business trip to meet a Chinese customer and happens to see an illegal immigrant who looks exactly like Kanako's husband. An idea hatches in Naomi's mind and she makes a bold suggestion to Kanako that they should kill Kanako's husband so as to free the latter from the domestic violence and regain control of her life.

This drama will be Hirosue's first since she acted in NHK's "Seijo" 15 months ago and her first collaboration with Uchida who made her debut earlier. Hirosue who recently gave birth to her third child, commented that it has been a while since she acted in a drama but she is very excited about her character this time who plots murder and views that as a great challenge to herself. Although she has not worked with Uchida before, she has watched many of Uchida's dramas and is very happy that they are able to work together this time. As for Uchida, she remarked that Kanako will be a difficult role to play because she has to show how her character is pushed to the edge psychologically by the domestic abuse from her husband but pledges to do her best. She also complimented Hirosue for being an actress who she can rely on so she is looking forward to their collaboration.

Source: Nikkansports / Sanspo

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