Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Narumi Riko to appear in Episode 5 of "Okashi no Ie" as guest star

Narumi Riko will be appearing in the 5th episode of TBS Autumn 2015 drama "Okashi no Ie" showing on 18 November at 11.53pm. The drama features Odagiri Jo as the lead character Taro who manages a snack shop with his grandmother in a suburb area of Tokyo and interacts with his buddy played by Katsuji Ryo and childhood friend Reiko played by Ono Machiko who moved back as a single mother after her divorce. Narumi plays the role of Yamamoto Marie, a colleague of Reiko who works at the same restaurant. By chance, Reiko spots Marie and Taro talking and wonders about what connection they may have.

Narumi commented that as her character is supposed to be a mysterious person, she was very excited about playing such an unique character and expressed her joy at being at ease on set even though it was her first time there. She also praised the quality of the production which is unlike what you would expect from a late-night drama.

Source: Sponichi

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chan said...

How of the quality of the production in late-night would to be expected?