Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fukushi Sota to star in FujiTV drama SP "Montage Sanokuen Jiken Kitan"

Fukushi Sota will be starring in the FujiTV drama SP "Montage Sanokuen Jiken Kitan" (Montage The mystery of the 300 million yen case) which is due to be shown next year. The drama SP which is based on the manga series by Watanabe Jun serialised in "Shukan Young Magazine", is based on the famous "300 million yen robbery" which took place at Fuchu City in Tokyo on 10 December 1968 and remains unsolved to date. Fukushi plays the lead character Narumi Yamato, a Year 3 senior high school student living in Nagasaki who gets embroiled into this case that happened almost half a century again when a dying old man he meets on the way to school tells him that his father is the criminal behind the robbery and that he should not trust anyone. Soon after that, Yamato's father is found drowned in the sea far away in Tokyo. When Yamato turns 25, he accidentally finds an old 500-yen note from his late father's kendo outfit which has a serial number matching those missing from the robbery. At the same time, Yamato is accused of being the suspect in a murder case and ends up being on the run from the police from Nagasaki to Fukuoka and then Tokyo. While trying to find the truth behind his father's death and the robbery, Yamato interacts various people and realises that he is being drawn into a huge conspiracy.

As Yamato was born and raised on Gunkanjima (Hashima) in Nagasaki Prefecture, filming for the SP was done there for the scenes at the time when the robbery took place and the present. In order to capture the scenery of the Showa era, filming was also done in various locations such as Takahagi City in Ibaraki Prefecture, Tomioka-machi in Fukuoka Prefecture, Takasaki City in Gunma Prefecture and Saga City in Saga Prefecture. The scriptwriter Omori Sumio who worked on movies such as "Itamuhito" released in 2015, will be responsible for condensing 19 volumes of the manga into this drama SP.

Source: Oricon

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chan said...

Oh! So long in this scoop.but l think l just saw this robbery's story in Kurokochi (TBS, 2013)