Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tanabe Seiichi & Otsuka Nene win the 7th Platinum Married Couple Award

Actors Tanabe Seiichi and Otsuka Nene attended the prize giving ceremony during the 5th anniversary event of women's fashion magazine "GLOW" held on 8 Nov where they were presented with the title of "7th Plantinum Married Couple Award". The award is decided based on a survey conducted by GLOW every year to a couple who is admired for being in love with each other forever just as platinum does not lose its colour. When interviewed after receiving the award, Tanabe expressed surprise about being given this title but was really happy about it. When asked about how they maintain a good relationship, Otsuka said that they talk about various things with each other, be it happy or bad ones so this helps to strengthen the bond between them.

The Platinum Married Couple Award was first given out in 2008 where couples such as Nakayama Masashi and Ikuta Tomoko, Takada Nobuhiko and Mukai Aki as well as Ota Hikari and Ota Mitsuyo were given the awards in the past.

Source: Oricon

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junny said...

Sweet. I like Otsuka Nene, so I'm glad she got this award.