Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sato Ryuta, Yoshida Yo and Takahata Atsuko to act in FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Naomi to Kanako"

Sato Ryuta, Yoshida Yo and Takahata Atsuko will be acting in the upcoming FujiTV Winter 2016 drama "Naomi to Kanako" which features Hirosue Ryoko and Uchida Yuki as its leads. The drama which is due to begin its run from January in the Thursdays 10pm timeslot, is a suspense drama where Hirosue's character Naomi works together with her best friend Kanako (Uchida) to hatch a plan to kill the latter's abusive husband Tatsuro (Sato) who works as a bank employee after Naomi happens to meet a Chinese illegal immigrant also played by Sato. After Tatsuro's disappearance, his elder sister Yoko (Yoshida) is suspicious of Naomi and Kanako being responsible thus sets out to investigate the case. Takahata plays the role of a Chinese woman who is the president of a company but steals a branded watch from the departmental store where Naomi works at. As a result of this theft, it leads to Naomi seeing the Chinese illegal immigrant who looks exactly like Tatsuro.

With regard to playing an abusive husband for the first time, Sato who has been known for his passionate and good-guy roles so far and is a father of two daughters in real liffe, commented that this will be a new challenge for him but he feels slightly apprehensive about having to "beat" Uchida on screen. Nonetheless, he will put in his best effort to put on a convincing performance and also relishes his first attempt in 8 years to play two characters in one drama. As for Yoshida, she said that her character has a strong sense of justice but is someone who may not be popular with the viewers so this will be a difficult role for her. However, she is excited about being in the psychological battle with Hirosue and Uchida's characters. Takahta commented that she thinks that the drama's premise is rather interesting and is secretly supportive of the lead characters even though they are attempting to commit a perfect crime.

Filming begins in the middle of next month.

Source: Sanspo 1 / Sanspo 2

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