Saturday, November 07, 2015

Okada Yoshinori & Tabata Tomoko admit to being an item; denies the suicide rumours again

Okada Yoshinori and Tabata Tomoko have admitted to being in a relationship following reports on her suffering an injury to her wrist 2 days ago. It was also revealed that Tabata got injured at Okada's apartment and not at her apartment as previously reported. The couple had been previously romantically linked back in 2011 but it was said that they broke up for a while before getting back together.

On the day when the accident happened in the early morning, Okada returned to his apartment after filming at the suburbs to find Tabata already injured. She had already called for an ambulance thus Okada accompanied her to the hospital for treatment. On the same afternoon, Okada returned to the filming set of his drama in the suburbs after confirming that her injury was not serious. Although the couple is not living together, their apartments are within walking distance from each other thus they were constantly seen near each other's place. However, things did not seem rosy between them of late as neighbours living on the same floor reportedly said that there were loud sounds along with raised voices coming from Okada's apartment about a month ago.

Both actors' agencies denied again that the injury was due to a failed suicide attempt and that Tabata had not consumed any sleeping pills that day. Tabata was understandably upset over the incident which was largely speculated to be a failed suicide attempt and apologised to the president of her agency for the trouble she had caused. Due to the intense media attention on this matter, Tabata has not returned home and is recuperating elsewhere. She is expected to be back at work on 14 Nov. In a bid to stop reporters from ringing Tabata's doorbell at the lobby of the apartment block, the building management staff had pasted pieces of paper to cover her surname on the doorbell panel and name tags and stood guard at the lobby for about two to three hours to control the crowd.

Source: Sanspo / Nikkansports

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