Sunday, November 29, 2015

Taiga drama handover ceremony for "Hana Moyu" and "Sanadamaru"

The Taiga drama handover ceremony from "Hana Moyu" to "Sanadamaru" was held on 25 November where the leads of both dramas i.e. Inoue Mao and Sakai Masato gathered at NHK's HQ at Shibuya. Inoue reflected on the 14 months she spent on the filming of "Hana Moyu" and commented that she felt satisfied by the time the filming was wrapped up as it felt like she had accomplished the biggest task in her life so far. Despite the difficulties experienced during the filming, she felt that she had also learnt about many things in the process and as a result, changed her views in many ways. When asked about what advice she would give to Sakai, Inoue remarked that due to the long filming period, the best thing would be to take good care of his health.

Sakai complimented Inoue for her hard work because in most editions of the Taiga dramas, if the lead character is a man, he would be expected to take on a leadership role. On the other hand, in Inoue's case, her character was more like a supporter to the people around her so it would have been more difficult for her to play the lead. Sakai also commented that he still doesn't know for sure what it means to be the lead of a Taiga drama and would find out from Inoue what kind of snacks to buy for the cast and crew since "Sanadamaru" would also be filmed in Gunma Prefecture where "Hana Moyu" was shot at.

The last episode of "Hana Moyu" will be shown on 13 December while "Sanadamaru" will begin its run from 10 January 2016.

Source: Oricon

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