Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ayase Haruka & Saito Takumi to play lovers in new movie "Kodaike no Hitobito"

Ayase Haruka will be starring in "Kodaike no Hitobito" (The people in the Kodai family), the real-life movie adaptation of the same-titled manga by Morimoto Kozueko serialised in "Gekkan YOU" at present. The movie which will be shown in cinemas next June, features Ayase as an introvert and ordinary OL named Hirano Kie who is poor with words and has a wild imagination that causes her to fantasize a bit too much. She is dating a successful and good-looking elite named Kodai Mitsumasa played by Saito Takumi who has telepathy powers and is able to see Kie's wild thoughts without her saying them explicitly. Unknown to Kie, almost everyone in Mitsumasa's family has the same power including his younger sister Shigeko played by Mizuhara Kiko, his younger brother Kazumasa played by Mamiya Shotaro and the siblings mother Yuko played by Daichi Mao who is so frank that she doesn't mince her words about thinking that Kie is not suitable for her son. The only family member who did not inherit this power and is poor at observing other people's emotions i.e. the father Shigemasa Junior (more commonly known as Masao) will be played by Ichimura Masachika.

Ayase commented that the biggest similarity between her and Kie is that they both have such a vivid imagination and always have a lot of wild thoughts in their month. As such, she hopes to be able to convey the uniqueness of this comedic love story between a imaginative woman and a man with special powers. On the other hand, Saito said that Mitsumasa is totally different from him and he is such a smart character and excels in many ways but he hopes to show the good and bad sides of a seemingly perfect man through his performance.

The director will be Hijikata Masato who was responsible for works such as "Yo ni mo kimyo na monogatari", "Shomuni", "Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de" and "Ghost Writer" when he was with FujitV while the scriptwriter will be Kaneko Arisa who had written "Nurse no Oshigoto", the movies "Densha Otoko", "Kage hinata ni saku" and "Helter Skelter". The manga's author Morimoto was very pleased to have Ayase and Saito play the leads in the adaptation movie and expressed her wish to see this movie soon.

Source: Oricon

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