Friday, November 20, 2015

Koizumi Kyoko & Nikaido Fumi to co-star in new movie "Fukigen na Kako"

Koizumi Kyoko and Nikaido Fumi will be co-starring in the new movie "Fukigen na Kako" (A displeased past) which is due to be released in cinemas next summer. The movie which is directed by Maeda Shiro and set in Kita Shinagawa in Tokyo, features Nikaido as a senior high school student Kako who has always believed that her aunt Mikiko (Koizumi) had been dead all along since 18 years ago. However, Mikiko suddenly appears in front from Kako and claims to be her real mother. Despite not having raised Kako all this while, Mikiko is thick-skinned enough to force Kako to take her in and live with her even though Kako is already coping with the struggles as a teenager and has no wish to let Mikiko come into her life.

This movie marks Koizumi's first in 5 years since 2011's "Mainichi Kaasan" and her first collaboration with Nikaido. Koizumi praised her junior for being a professional at work and she was happy to see Nikaido being able to bring out the teenager traits in her character. Nikaido also commented that Koizumi is such a good and admired actress that she enjoyed being able to act with her in this movie.

Filming was recently completed.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi / Sponichi

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