Monday, November 30, 2015

Production press conference of new movie "Kaizoku to yobareta otoko"

The production press conference of new movie "Kaizoku to yobareta otoko" starring V6's Okada Junichi was held on 28 November in Tokyo. The movie which is based on Hyakuta Naoki's bestselling novel and directed by Yamazaki Takashi, is set in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras and features an entrepreneur Kunioka Tetsuzo (Okada) who gives courage and hope to post-war Japan through his oil business.

During the press conference, it was also announced that Kunioka's wife Yuki will be played by Ayase Haruka who was the lead for 2013 Taiga "Yae no Sakura" while Okada was the lead for the following year's Taiga "Gunshi Kanbee". Other co-stars include Yoshioka Hidetaka, Sometani Shota and Suzuki Ryohei. Among them, Yoshioka had appeared in another Yamazaki film i.e. "ALWAYS Sanchome no Yuhi" which achieved box office sales of 11.64 billion yen while Sometani was the lead in "Kiseijuu" which was also directed by Yamazaki that got 3.52 billion yen. Okada's film "Eien no Zero" directed by Yamazaki was the No.1 movie in 2014 which got 8.7 billion yen in the box office.

Filming began in the middle of October and is expected to wrap up in January. Ayase who is appearing in a Yamazaki production for the first time started her filming only just one week ago. Even though she is the only actress on the set, her impression of the atmosphere on the set is that everyone gets along well and she hopes that this film will turn out well with a lot of masculine charm. As for Suzuki, he also pledged to work hard for this movie.

"Kaizoku to yobareta otoko" will be screened in cinemas in winter next year.

Source: Sanspo / Yomiuri Hochi


Aqi said...

Wow, Ayase is really busy, filming this movie while preparing for Kohaku as the red team moderator, and her drama that starts next month with her playing a serious role and another movie due in June.

Chiaki said...

Goes to show how sought-after she is these days. ^__^