Sunday, November 29, 2015

New FujiTV 3-part drama SP "Josei Sakka Mysteries Utsukushiki Mitsu no Uso" to be shown in January 2016

FujiTV will be showing a 3-part drama SP titled "Josei Sakka Mysteries Utsukushiki Mitsu no Uso" (Mysteries of Female Writers - Three Beautiful Lies) on 4 Jan 2016 at 9pm.

The first part titled "Moonstone" is based on the novel by Minato Kanae and will be directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro who was responsible for movies such as "Twilight Sasarasaya" and "Kamisama no Karte". The cast includes Nagasaku Hiromi, Dan Rei, Murakami Junichi, Takito Kenichi and Emoto Akira.

As for the second part titled "Honoo" (Flame), it is based on the novel by Miura Shion and will be directed by Hiroki Ryuichi who has works such as "Vibrator" and "Strobe Edge" under his belt. The cast will feature Tsuchiya Tao and Kadowaki Mugi who last worked together in the NHK morning drama "Mare" and acted as classmates. The actresses expressed excitement about reuniting in such a short time after the end of "Mare" and are happy about playing different characters this time. Tsuchiya plays the lead character Kagawa Arisa who is in love with Tachigi Shogo (Murakami Nijiro), her senior in the tennis club. However, when Tachigi is found at the tennis court in an apparent suicide by burning himself alive, Arisa tries to find out the truth behind his death with Tachigi's ex-girlfriend Narazaki Hatsune who is played by Kadowaki. Arisa's form teacher Kinoshita will be played by Emoto Tasuku.

As for the third story "Heibon" (Ordinary), it is based on Kakuta Mitsuyo's novel and is directed by Zeze Takahisa who is responsible for the upcoming movie versions of "64 - Rokuyon". Cast members include Suzuki Kyoka, Terajima Shinobu, Sometani Shota and Terawaki Yasufumi.

Last but not least, Miura Tomokazu will play a police detective who will appear in all three stories.

Source: Oricon

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