Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tanaka Rena to star in FujiTV drama SP "Sanmen Kiji no Onntachi - Ai no Su -"

Tanaka Rena will be starring in the FujiTV drama SP "Sanmen Kiji no Onnatachi - Ai no Su -" (The Women on Page 3 - The Nest of Love) which will be shown on 20 February at 9pm. This is the first time Tanaka is acting in a FujiTV 2-hour drama SP.

The drama SP is based on a novel by Kakuta Mitsuyo about a real-life case reported in Page 3 of the newspaper (this is the section where police news or news of criminal cases are reported). Tanaka plays a workaholic news reporter Hasebe Shoko who had witnessed her mother, a housewife, killing her husband i.e. Shoko's father right in front of her 18 years ago. As a result, Shoko was very much traumatised and always wonders if she might kill someone one day.

Source: Sanspo

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l yet still have watched a part of Utsukusiki Wana .