Thursday, January 01, 2015

Nakashima Mika gets married on Christmas Day

Singer Nakashima Mika and national team volleyball player Shimizu Kunihiro got married on Christmas Day as announced on the latter's Twitter page on the same day. In the statement, Shimizu said that they would be supporting each other to build a happy family together and called for the support of everyone.

The couple were first reported to be dating in March 2013 by Sponichi. Nakashima who is a volleyball fan, was introduced to Shimizu by a mutual friend after watching a league match and they started dating soon after from the summer of 2011. The couple will be staying in a condominium apartment outside of Osaka after their marriage.

On the same day, Nakashima also released a handwritten statement through her agency where she mentioned that she had been dating Shimizu for three years before they got married. She pledged to be a supportive wife to Shimizu and asked for everyone's warm support.

Source: Sponichi

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