Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tamaki Hiroshi & Domoto Koichi to star in FujiTV drama SP "Tensai Tantei Mitarai ~ Nankai Jiken File [Kasa wo oru onna]"

Tamaki Hiroshi and KinKi Kids' Domoto Koichi will be starring in the FujiTV drama SP "Tensai Tantei Mitarai ~ Nankai Jiken File [Kasa wo oru onna]" which will be shown on 7 March at 9pm. The drama SP which is based on the mystery novel series "Mitarai Kiyoshi Series" by Shimada Soji, features Tamaki Hiroshi as a neurology scholar and genius detective Mitarai Kiyoshi who works with his writer friend Ishioka played by Domoto to solve difficuly cases. This will be the first time in 8 years that Domoto is appearing in a drama since his last appearance in 2007's "Sushi Oji". Although both Tamaki and Domoto appeared in the 2002 drama "Remote", they did not have any scenes together thus this will be their first official collaboration.

The story starts with Ishioka hearing about a strange tale through a radio programme where a woman in a white dress was said to have had her umbrella bent by a car while she was walking in the rain. However, instead of dumping the spoilt umbrella, the woman still carried the umbrella with her. Upon hearing about this strange incident, Mitarai realises that it has to do with a case and tries to solve it with the help of his buddy and two police detectives played by Katsumura Masanobu and Sakai Maki.

Source: Sanspo


junny said...

Pretty sure this sort of "genius (insert profession) + detective solving crimes" has been done many times over, but still happy that Tamaki Hiroshi is in this. Hopefully the cases will be interesting.

Chiaki said...

Honestly speaking, I think the term "genius" is very much overused. Maybe they just want to emphasize how smart the character is but surely, there can't be that many "geniuses" all over the place. ^__^

junny said...

Agreed, smart doesn't equal genius. Either way, doesn't leave much hope for us ordinary folk XD

Have you started any Winter 2015 dramas?

Chiaki said...

The only Winter 2015 drama which I've started on is Ghost Writer. Great acting from Nakatani Miki! I caught a glimpse of Maru Maru Tsuma which seemed quite promising too.