Sunday, January 11, 2015

Press conference of NHK drama SP "Hatachi to Ippiki"

The press conference of NHK drama SP "Hatachi to Ippiki" was held on 7 Jan which was attended by the lead Suda Masaki. The drama will be shown on 17 Jan at 7.30pm and features Suda as the lead character who becomes a disaster rescue dog trainer after losing his parents due to the Hanshin Earthquake. Suda who comes from Osaka, was only 1 year old when the earthquake struck thus he went to ask his grandfather about what happened then in order to prepare for his role. When asked to comment about his co-star Haro which is a 7-year-old male labrador retriever, Suda said that Haro is usually quite smart but when he sees a ball, he puts on a blank face which was rather amusing to him.

Source: Sponichi

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