Sunday, January 11, 2015

Production press conference of TBS Winter 2015 drama "Keibuho Sugiyama Shintaro"

The production press conference of TBS Winter 2015 drama "Keibuho Sugiyama Shintaro" was held on 7 Jan which was attended by cast members Tanihara Shosuke, Kaname Jun, Katase Nana, Sano Shiro, Takahashi Keiko and Honda Miyu. The drama which is scheduled to begin its run from 12 Jan, features Tanihara as the police detective Sugiyama Shintaro who has to juggle work and family as he has to take care of his three children alone due to his wife being sick. At the beginning of the press conference, the host specifically mentioned that the media should not ask anything unrelated to the drama (most likely in a bid to stop questions about Tanihara's 6th child being on the way) but Kaname remarked that it would be difficult for the media and encouraged them to ask questions freely.

Tanihara commented that he is very grateful and happy about his 6th child going to be born soon but said that it would be tougher, going forward. He is especially thankful to his wife who still has to take care of the household in her current state while he is busy with work. For him who has 6 children, he finds it especially meaningful to take on this father role, more so in his 20th anniversary year as an actor.

Source: Sponichi1 / Sponichi 2

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Tanihara he could establish in Mini-Football Team under control by his manager.