Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sakai Masato to take the leading role in NTV Spring 2015 drama "Dr. Rintaro"

Sakai Masato will be returning to dramaland with his leading role in the NTV Spring 2015 drama "Dr. Rintaro" where he plays a sought-after psychiatrist named Hino Rintaro who uses his observation powers and instinct to help his patients overcome their psychiatric issues. The drama will be written by Nakazono Miho who had produced recent hits like "Doctor X" and "Hanako to Anne". Besides helping his patients, there will also be a main story about the relationship between Rintaro and a woman who he cannot understand and interact well with. As this is Nakazono's first collaboration with Sakai, she hoped that the character Rintaro will help bring some much-needed mental consolation and relief to modern Japan and looks forward to working with Sakai as she is a big fan of his.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi


chan said...

l rarely understan in prase that "relief to modern Japan" What it means?

Chiaki said...

Sometimes, there are some words and phrases unique to the Japanese language which there are hardly any suitable equivalents in another language. What the scriptwriter meant was that, the current Japan seems to be a nation with an impoverished heart where many people suffer from psychological ailments. As such, she hoped that this drama would provide some relief to their "tired hearts".

I apologise if I had been unclear about this point but sometimes, I do have to try to rephrase the point in English to make it easier to understand than to translate word for word in some instances.