Thursday, January 01, 2015

Nagai Masaru & Nakagoshi Noriko get married on 30 Dec

Nagai Masaru and Nakagoshi Noriko registered their marriage on 30 December as announced on their agencies' websites on 31 December. The couple first met on the set of TV Asahi's Winter 2010 drama "Salaryman Kintaro 2" and started dating in spring of the same year. Nagai proposed to Nakagoshi in the winter of 2013 and revealed to the media that they had already informed their families and agencies of their marriage plans. There are no plans for a wedding yet.

In her statement, Nakagoshi mentioned that they had gone through a period long enough for them to know each other well and called it a miracle for her to meet someone she could depend on as a partner. She also said that they would try their best to overcome any difficulties and build a happy family.

As for Nagai, he commented that they had been together for five years and he was glad that they could finally embark on this journey as husband and wife. He pledged to be more considerate of his wife in future and build a wonderful family.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi / Daily Sports

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