Sunday, January 11, 2015

Completion press conference of FujiTV 55th anniversary drama SP "Orient Kyuukou Satsujin Jiken"

The completion press conference of FujiTV 55th anniversary drama SP "Orient Kyuukou Satsujin Jiken" was held on 5 Jan which was attended by Nomura Mansai, Matsushima Nanako, Ninomiya Kazunari, An, Tamaki Hiroshi, Sawamura Ikki, Sato Koichi and the scriptwriter Mitani Koki. The two-part SP will be shown on 11th and 12th Jan at 9pm and is based on the famous novel by Agatha Christie but has its setting changed to Japan in the Showa era. Mitani commented that he read the novel and saw the movie during his junior high days and kept wondering if there was anything hidden behind the story. As such, he was glad to be given a chance to use six full hours to explore the possibilities behind this well-known mystery.

Nomura who is in his first leading role in a private network drama, takes on the role of a detective Paulo Suguro Takeru and had a challenging scene lasting 15 minutes where he had to say very long lines. The filming took as long as from the morning till past midnight and his co-stars had to hear him speak most of the time during that period. Nomura remarked that it was such a test of their patience and he was so nervous about getting it done nicely and quickly. In response, Ninomiya revealed that he stumbled on his lines three times because of the pressure of speaking right after Nomura's lines as he had to get the timing correct. An also mentioned that after Nomura was done with his lines, the cast were clapping in unison to celebrate.

Mitani also made special mention of Sato who had to play the role of a victim and expressed his admiration for Sato's convincing acting. With response to that, Sato said that it was tough to play a dead person for 12 hours and he had to catch his breath whenever the camera wasn't filming him.

Source: Oricon

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