Thursday, January 01, 2015

Ayase Haruka & Matsuzaka Toori dating?

Ayase Haruka and Matsuzaka Toori are said to be in a relationship, according to a report on Nikkansports on 31 December. The two of them who are three years apart in age, worked together in the movie "Bannou Kanteishi Q - Mona Lisa no Hitomi - " which was shown in cinemas last May. The filming of the movie took place in autumn 2013 at Paris after Ayase had finished her Taiga drama "Yae no Sakura" and it was said that they were already on rather good terms during that period. Later on, when they met again to do the promotion for the movie between April and May last year, they reportedly became closer and started dating soon after.

Matsuzaka was at the Nikkansports Movie Awards ceremony held on 28 December to present the Best Newcomer Award to Higashide Masahiro who was due to marry An on 1 Jan when he was asked by co-presenter Ishihara Yujiro's wife Makiko about his marriage plans. Matsuzaka was stunned for a brief moment and later commented that as his peers get married one by one, he hopes to get married at his own pace and said that there are no immediate plans to get married yet.

Source: Nikkansports

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Anonymous said...

Its nice that they are going out for a long time i had thought haruka ayase was married to mizushima hiro lol O_o