Sunday, September 28, 2014

Uehara Takako's husband TENN's wake and funeral held in Osaka

The wake of ET-KING's member TENN who was also the husband of SPEED member Uehara Takako and died suddenly at the age of 35 due to suspected suicide, was held at a funeral hall in Osaka where his wife was the host. Uehara also appeared in public for the first time since her husband's demise where she did not say anything but greeted the press with a bow when they asked about her condition.

Uehara was the first person who discovered TENN's body in his car on 25th Sep and was so shaken by his sudden departure that she could not bring herself to attend the autopsy conducted by the police. Fellow SPEED members Imai Eriko and Shimabukuro Hiroko rushed to Osaka to see Uehara on the same day of TENN's death but Shimabukuro had to return to Tokyo for work thus Imai kept Uehara company through the past few days. Arakaki Hitoe also kept in touch with Uehara over the phone.

The wake is held on 27 Sep while the funeral will be on the following day. Initially, it was said that the funeral was to be a private one but due to the wishes of TENN's family, they decided to make it a grand event thus holding the wake and funeral at a big funeral hall.

Source: Daily Sports


Anonymous said...

Wow this is very sad. It must've been so devastating for poor Takako. :(

VIN11 H said...

I don't get it, he's got such a sweet wife....why did he take his own life? :(