Saturday, September 27, 2014

Horikita Maki to star in NTV drama SP "Higanbana ~ Onnatachi no Hanzai File ~"

Horikita Maki will be playing a police detective for the first time as she takes on the lead role in the NTV drama SP "Higanbana ~ Onnatachi no Hanzai File ~" which will be shown on 24 October at 9pm. She plays the character Kinomiya Nagisa who works in the 7th investigation division of the Metropolitan Police Department which is well-known for its beautiful female detectives with unique traits and nicknamed as "Higanbana" (flowers with poison in their roots). As a murder case took place at a wedding hall, the 7th division is then deployed to work on this case. Kinomiya is known to be a weirdo with a venomous tongue which is in contrast to Horikita's usual gentle and pure image.

Source: Sanspo


chan said...

Unbelieveable when l have been known that she never plays in this character.

chan said...
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