Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hoshino Mari to be the lead in FujiTV's afternoon drama "Cinderella Date"

Hoshino Mari will make her debut in a morning drama when she takes on the leading role in FujiTV's new offering "Cinderella Date" which begins its run from 3 November at 1.30pm on weekdays. She plays the role of Makoto, a married senior high school teacher who goes on a vacation with her husband to Jakarta, Indonesia, where she accidentally meets and falls for journalist Ryota played by Mashima Hidekazu. 3 years later when Ryota returns to Japan, he and Makoto reunites and rekindles their romance. Jinnai Tomonori plays Makoto's husband. Co-stars include Kurokawa Tomoka and Okae Kumiko.

Although the theme of the drama is extramarital affairs, Tokai TV which is producing the drama, said that it will be different from the usual love-and-hate plots in afternoon dramas where there will be no intimate scenes and the focus will be on the platonic relationship between the leads.

The ending theme of the drama titled "Hikari" will be sung by female singer Sharo who makes her debut on 3 December.

Source: Sanspo

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Listenning that The content is intense But it's not real violence all.