Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nakama Yukie & Tanaka Tetsushi get married after a six-year courtship

Although this piece of news first appeared on Nikkansports this morning, I was a bit skeptical over how true it was because no other newspapers were reporting this and there was no confirmation from either party. Anyway, the confirmation has finally come tonight so here I am, reporting this belatedly at this time.

Nakama Yukie and Tanaka Tetsushi got married on 18 September as announced through a fax statement from their agencies. The couple first got to know each other through working on the 2003 FujiTV drama "Kao" and reunited on the set of 2007 TBS drama "Joshideka!" when they reportedly started dating the following year. They were first romantically linked in a 2009 Nikkansports report but had denied being an item in consideration of their fans and sponsors. Instead, they continued dating in secret for the past 6 years before finally tying the knot. At present, there are no plans for a wedding or press conference.

Nakama also released her statement where she confirmed that she and Tanaka had registered their marriage today. They started off as friends back in 2007 and later began dating and things progressed naturally thus leading to their marriage. She also expressed her wish to continue working and hopes that the synergy between the two of them will lead to even greater success for them in terms of work and their private lives.

As Tanaka was starring in the stage play "Haishin" which had its first performance today, the press were gathered at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo after the performance ended so that they could interview him. Tanaka thanked the press for their congratulations and revealed that he had submitted the marriage application alone around 9am today. He also apologised to his stage play co-stars for the inconveniences caused to them as a result of his marriage announcement. When asked about how he proposed to Nakama, Tanaka said that there was no formal proposal but since a year ago, marriage was part of their plans and he gave her a ring around the same time. He didn't really select a special day to give her the ring which he had gone to buy on his own but he remarked that she seemed happy when she received it.

When asked about what he likes about Nakama, Tanaka complimented her by saying she's too good for him. Although it is often said that people in the same occupation find it difficult to be together, he is glad that she is a very supportive person and the fact that she's also an actress makes it easy for her to understand things which those outside the entertainment circle would not know. Last but not least, he cited her simple character as the most appealing point to him.

Despite having dated for six years, Tanaka revealed that they have never had a serious argument before. He also said that he had met his parents-in-law who were very nice to him. Tanaka and Nakama recently started staying together but do not have any plans yet with regard to parenthood.

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Anonymous said...

This is certainly very shocking!!
Dating for 6 years and no one knows?
Wish them all the best though even if I think Nakama Yukie can do better.

Anonymous said...

I was really upset hearing about this, she can do so much better, i always thought she would get married to a younger actor, hoping it was kamenashi kazuya or yunho from tvxq since he is into her, oh well, guess we can just be happy for her

Chiaki said...

Well, I wouldn't say that nobody knew about their relationship because there was already a report on them dating back in 2009. However, at that time, Nakama's side denied that they were dating while Tanaka's agency sort of admitted it ambiguously after he got caught bringing two women home to spend the night. Essentially, they chose to keep the relationship under wraps all this while.

There are some conspiracy theories surrounding their marriage going around but as long as the couple is happy, I'm sure most people will be willing to offer their well wishes to them. ^__^

Anonymous said...

I see, cheers for the information, still shocked, never saw it coming, im a huge fan of hers so I was a bit disappointed and yeh we should be happy for them. however I'm still disappointed in her choice of drama's in the past few years, apart from gokusen and 1 other drama, the rest are boring. She picks roles that could be played by an actress in her 50s, need to play more youthful roles also I've noticed its quite rare for a blog post on nakama yukie to be on doramaworld lol hahahaha!also thank you for giving us the latest information on Japanese entertainment, its really hard to find the latest news on stuff ^_^

Anonymous said...

I may not agree on Nakama's husband choice but having her marry someone younger like Kamenashi Kazuya and Yunho is far-fetched since both are idols and getting married will probably happen by the time they are 35-40 and Nakama will be too old for them. Aside from that, pls. stop judging from their looks, if he makes her happy then so be it.

Chiaki said...

Erm, I did not deliberately avoid covering things about Nakama Yukie but somehow, she's really low-profile so you rarely hear anything about her other when she has a new drama or movie or her name is linked to anyone romantically (hardly happens too). I don't even remember seeing any CM press conferences involving her of late. Anyway, her marriage is considered big news because nobody really saw it coming as most people assumed that she was in an on-off relationship with Tanaka. Well, as long as she's happy, that's still the most important thing.

As for linking her to idols, I guess there must be viewers who like to see her with them due to the lingering effects of seeing them work together. There's never going to be a 100% match which every fan would like so no point getting upset over it. It's her life anyway.

Well, if everyone had their way, I suppose Kimura Takuya would have long married Matsu Takako way back at the wishes of fans when their dramas were super hits and they were deemed to be the best screen couple. Kudo Shizuka would never have fitted in that equation with KimuTaku if that was the case but life does offer surprises from time to time, like it or not. ^__^

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie, my initial reaction was "what??She can do so much better". I expect her to marry someone with above average looks and not so much of age difference . All the best to her marriage.