Saturday, September 20, 2014

V6's Sakamoto Masayuki & Otsuka Chihiro break up after 3 years

V6's Sakamoto Masayuki and Otsuka Chihiro are reported to have gone their separate ways this summer after dating for the past three years, as reported on 16 Sep. According to Sankei Sports, Sakamoto's agency declined to comment about the breakup news while Otsuka's agency merely said that this is her private matter so they will not interfere in it.

Sakamoto and Otsuka first met through a stage play in January 2011 in which they played lovers and subsequently started dating. When interviewed by the media in April this year during the production press conference of his play, Sakamoto was asked about his marriage plans and he said that although he was going to be 42 years old in July and it was high time that he gave marriage a serious thought, there were no concrete plans yet.

On the other hand, Otsuka was rumoured to be dating actor Shimizu Ryotaro but she denied it through her blog on 20 Sep and said that they are merely close friends. Otsuka apologised for the worry and inconveniences caused by the incorrect reports.

Source: Sankei Sports / Sanspo

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