Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Koizumi Kyoko's essay to be adapted into a drama series "Tatakau Onna"

Koizumi Kyoko's essay "Tatakau Onna Pants-hen" (The Fighting Woman - the underwear part) will be made into a 5-episode drama by FujiTV and shown via CS FujiTV NEXT from 17 October at 11pm on Fridays. The essay written by Koizumi was published on culture magazine "Mayonaka" in January 2009 and talks about how Koizumi's life has changed over the years through the description of the underwear choices she has made since she was a child up to being in her 40s. The 5 episodes will feature her life when she was a primary school student, junior high student, in her 20s, 30s and reaching 42 years old. Kadowaki Mugi will play the role of an lingerie shop owner while different actresses will play the leads in each episode. Half of the airtime will be taken up by the drama while the other 30 mins will be a girls-talk section featuring Kadowaki, YOU, Tomochika and Eri about underwear.

Koizumi commented that it was surprising to know that the producers were interested in her essay which she considered too short to be worthy material to be made into a drama. As such, she will be looking forward to see how her essay will be presented on screen.

The theme song "Tatakau Onna" will be sung by singing unit Charan Porantan made up of two sisters who just made their major debut in July this year.

Source: Sanspo


gaijin mark said...

Never mind the drama, I want to hear goofy YOU talking about underwear!

Chiaki said...

This drama's not shown on the usual FujiTV channel so there is a likelihood that it will be difficult to find this online. I also think that this will be a pretty interesting drama and the talk section should be even better!