Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"First Class" original cast members to make their return in "First Class 2"

The cast members in the original series of "First Class" are scheduled to make a comeback in the sequel which will start from 15 October in the Wednesdays 10pm timeslot. Besides the lead character Sawajiri Erika who will be working in a new environment this time, her old rivals including Osawa Rumi (Itaya Yuka), MIINA (Sasaki Nozomi), Yamaki Konatsu (Miura Rieko), Kawashima Remie (Nanao) and Kimura Shirayuki (Tabata Tomoko) as well as the narrator LiLiCo will all be featured in "First Class 2" in addition to 10 other new additions to the cast including Kimura Yoshino, Natsuki Mari and Yo Kimiko. Of these actresses, one of the highlights will be Remie and her interaction with her elder sister Namie played by Shishido Kavka who she cannot stand up against.

Before the drama begins its run, there will be a "fake" documentary about Remie's busy life as an editor shown on 1 October in the midnight timeslot. As for the first series, it will also be broadcast again between 1 Oct and 4 Oct for the benefit of viewers who haven't watched it and wish to catch up with the story before the new drama begins its run.

Source: Sanspo

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What a realise! it's able to final about earlier support actors. jam or not.