Saturday, September 06, 2014

Top 10 fashion leaders as chosen by women (Oricon)

1) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

2) Rola

3) Amuro Namie

4) Karina

5) Kiritani Mirei

6) Becky

7) Nishino Kana / YOU / Rika

10) Kitagawa Keiko

Source: Oricon


Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm pretty sure those Oricon polls are completely rigged. Like you'd be SERIOUSLY hard pressed to find any woman in Japan saying they consider Kyary Pamuy Pamyu a "fashion leader". I did a big research for a fashion company a few months ago and the answers were mostly Rinka, Saeko, YounA and other relevant fashion models (with Namie Amuro and AKB's Haruna Kojima also mentioned) and people that ALWAYS show up on those Oricon lists, such as Becky and Kyary, were hardly ever mentioned. I have a hard time believing them ever since.

Chiaki said...

I'm a bit sceptical about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu being at the top of the list too. To be perfectly honest, what she wears on stage is probably hardly seen on the streets and not everyone can manage that kind of style. Anyway, the survey respondents are a small group of people who signed up to be Oricon's survey monitors so perhaps the sample size is a bit too small and restricted to be reflective of general tastes at times.