Friday, December 02, 2016

Yamamoto Yuusuke, Minamisawa Nao & MEGUMI to join the cast of TV Asahi drama SP "Fukigen na Kajitsu"

Yamamoto Yuusuke, Minamisawa Nao and MEGUMI will be joining the cast of TV Asahi drama SP "Fukigen na Kajitsu" titled "Fukigen na Kajitsu ~ Sannenme no Uwaki ~" which will be shown in January 2017. The three of them will play new characters who will be involved in romantic relationships with the original cast consisting of Kuriyama Chiaki, Ichihara Hayato, Takanashi Rin and Inagaki Goro.

Yamamoto will play the character Souma Hiroto, a strawberry and radish farmer who Kudo Mayako (Kuriyama) is infatuated with after meeting him at her friend Takeda Kumi's (Takanashi) wine bar as he supplies fruits and vegetables to Kumi. Yamamoto commented that he will try his best to play this character although this is a type of man who he has hardly ever played before.

Meanwhile, Mayako's husband Michihiko (Ichihara) will be seduced by his student Kanzaki Aoi (Minamisawa) at the music university he teaches at. Although she behaves innocently most of the time, her actions are somewhat suggestive as she tries to get close to Michihiko on the pretext of seeking advice for career guidance. Minamisawa commented that she is eager to show a new side to herself through this new character in the drama SP.

As for MEGUMI, she will play a mysterious woman named Natsuki who is somehow involved in Mayako's new romance. MEGUMI commented that she is happy to be able to participate in this drama and she will be eager to show the two-sided faces of her character which will make woman laugh in agreement and the men feeling jittery.

Source: Oricon

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