Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Winners of Yahoo! Japan Search Awards 2016

Yahoo! Japan Search Awards is an annual event which lists the people and things that experienced a surge in online searches via Yahoo! Japan as compared to the previous year. This is a barometer of the amount of attention which the person or thing has enjoyed in the past year. The measurement period is from 1 January to 1 November of the current year.

As the list of winners is very long, I will only feature the winners in the person and culture categories which are more related to J-ent in general:

Grand Award: Dean Fujioka

Actor: Dean Fujioka

Actress: Takahata Mitsuki

Idol: Keyakizaka46

Comedian: Kazu Laser

Model: Ryuchell

Musician: Fujiwara Sakura

Voice Actor: Nakamura Yuichi

Athlete: Fukuhara Ai

Writer: Murata Sayaka

Anime: Osomatsu-san

Movie: Kimi no na wa

Game: Pokemon GO

Novel: Kimi no suizou wo tabetai

Drama: Sanadamaru

Popular Phrase: PPAP

Source: Yahoo! Japan

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