Monday, December 12, 2016

Koyuki & Ito Atsushi to star in FujiTV Winter 2017 drama "Daibinbou"

Koyuki and Ito Atsushi will be appearing in the upcoming FujiTV Winter 2017 drama "Daibinbou" (Great Poverty) which will begin its run from 8 January 2017 in the Sundays 9pm timeslot. The human comedy drama which is an original story, features Koyuki as a single mother Nanakusa Yuzuko who struggles against the irrationalities regarding money, power and love happening around her while Ito plays her "buddy" Kakihara Shinichi who is an elite lawyer.

After being betrayed by her husband, Yuzuko is raising her rowdy son and tomboyish daughter alone and leads a hectic life. One day, the company that she works for suddenly goes bankrupt and she loses her salary and savings overnight. Just then, Kakihara who has an annual turnover of JPY 10.7 billion contacts her to reveal that there is more than meets the eye with regard to her company's collapse. While unsure of Kakihara's intentions and unaware that he was in love with her when they used to be senior high school classmates, Yuzuko decides to find out the truth and fight against the evil forces responsible for her plight in order to protect her children and herself.

In order to prepare for the filming, Koyuki interviewed a friend who is a single mother and did research on the various issues that they face in daily life. As such, she hopes that through this drama, it can highlight their problems and show they try to live on in a positive manner. Given that she is also a mother of three in real life, she commented that while interacting with children, parents are always surprised by the things the children say which are beyond their imagination. Thus, every day is a new discovery as the children change while they grow up. With regard to working with Ito whose appearance is quite different from her especially in terms of height (Koyuki is 1.7m tall while Ito is 1.62m tall), Koyuki commented that although they may not seem like a good combination on the surface, she thinks that this gap is what makes the story more exciting and interesting. As for Ito, there are scenes where his character gets nervous around his former crush and he actually feels the same way in real life when facing Koyuki so he hopes to show this in the drama as well.

Coincidentally, Koyuki's husband Matsuyama Kenichi will be appearing in the TBS Winter 2017 drama "A LIFE ~ Itoshiki Hito ~" starring Kimura Takuya which is shown in the same timeslot as her drama.

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