Sunday, December 11, 2016

Completion screening event of new movie "Kiseki Ano hi no sobito"

The completion screening event of new movie "Kiseki Ano hi no Sobito" was held at Marunouchi TOEI 1 on 6 December which was attended by the director Kaneshige Atsushi and cast members Matsuzaka Toori, Suda Masaki, Kutsuna Shiori, Yokohama Ryusei, Narita Ryo and Sugino Yosuke. The movie describes the journey of how 4-member group GReeeeN made their debut while studying to become dentists and how their debut song "Kiseki" was produced. Matsuzaka plays the role of GReeeeN's producer JIN while Suda plays JIN's younger brother HIDE who is also the leader of GReeeeN. After being greeted by loud cheers from the audience, Suda commented that this is a movie which will give courage to everyone while Matsuzaka echoed the view and said that it will be a source of strength and encourage people to go ahead to pursue their dreams.

Matsuzaka and Suda worked together before and made their debut in 2009 together from the same agency. Playing brothers was a difficult thing altogether but Matsuzaka said that there was no particular need for them to do anything special since they know each other very well. Suda revealed that there was a scene when the brothers were fighting and he ended up with a bruise on his arm which took one week to go away. This showed how involved they were in their acting until they exerted too much force. Upon hearing this, Matsuzaka apologised to Suda who joked that the apology had no effect in helping his wound to heal which made the audience laugh.

Suda, Yokohama, Narita and Sugino who play GReeeeN members, made their CD debut under the name "GReeeeN boys" and will be performing as guests at GReeeeN's 10th anniversary concert at Saitama Super Arena on 7 January next year. Suda revealed that they did not have the intention to sing outside the movie but during the wrap-up party, everyone was drunk while singing and it somehow led to their CD debut project. The other members commented that they are nervous and scared about singing live but can only press on and enjoy the experience.

In the movie, Matsuzaka who is the vocalist of a heavy metal band, will also be singing but he refused to sing live during the event. Matsuzaka revealed that he initially thought that he wouldn't have to sing and even made it clear that he can't handle singing and horror movies. However, he found out that it wasn't the case when he saw on the first page of the script that he had a singing scene. Matsuzaka stressed that he will never make a CD debut unlike his younger brothers in the movie and this will be the last time he is singing in a movie. Suda then chipped in to say that Matsuzaka holds the microphone in a very sexy way and called upon everyone to keep a lookout for that in the movie.

In line with the theme of the movie, the cast were asked about if there was any miracle which happened this year. When Matsuzaka mentioned "marriage", it made everyone wonder what he meant. He then clarified that the actresses he had worked with got married suddenly one after another. In 2015, Horikita Maki got married while this year, Kimura Fumino also announced her marriage. However, the good luck seemed to have gone to his co-stars while there was nothing of that nature happening to himself. Matsuzaka also revealed that Akashiya Sanma had asked him to set up a meeting with Kimura but before he could help, Kimura already got married so he plans to apologise to Sanma about this the next time they meet. In response, Suda commented jokingly that Matsuzaka had become the matchmaking god who creates miracles.

The movie will be shown in cinemas from 28 January 2017.

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