Sunday, January 10, 2016

Screening event of new NHK drama SP "Jungle Fever"

The screening event of new NHK drama SP "Jungle Fever" was held on 8 January which was attended by the lead Gouriki Ayame. The drama SP which is due to be shown on 11 January at 9pm, is a sci-fi and suspense story about how a group of astronauts are tasked to save humanity and sent on a mission to get to a planet in a spaceship. However, in the midst of their journey, the astronauts are killed one by one thus leading the survivors to suspect one another since there is no way anyone else can enter the spaceship. Gouriki plays the heroine Haraguchi Saori who tries to find the murderer while ensuring that the crew tries to achieve their aim of getting to their destination.

As it is rare for NHK to produce sci-fi dramas, this is seen as a daring attempt to win over younger viewers from their smartphones. In view of this, the production crew is prepared to listen to whatever criticism the viewers may have about this drama which is not a typical NHK one. The script was written by the director Toda Yukihiro from NHK Enterprises who revealed that they had a very small budget to work with but thanks to the hard work of the cast, they were able to come up with a good 90-minute drama SP.

Due to the fact that the drama takes place entirely in the spaceship, the only background sets were the main room and the corridor. Gouriki commented that in scenes where CG was needed for the background, the cast could only act while imagining their surroundings and consulting one another thus had no idea how the visual effects would turn out.

Source: Oricon

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lt was look like integrated with Martian + Interstella + Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo.