Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Press conference and special screening event of "Watashi wo hanasanai de"

The press conference and special screening event of TBS Winter 2016 drama "Watashi wo hanasanai de" was held on 11 January which was attended by the cast members Ayase Haruka, Miura Haruma and Mizukawa Asami. The drama which is based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "Never Let Me Go", will be set in Japan where the three of them will play young adults raised in a welfare facility named Youkou Gakuen isolated from the rest of the world for a designated purpose. When they come to realise what their fates are, they try to find the meaning of what is to live.

During the press conference, the host asked the cast who among them does things at his/her own pace and they all cited Ayase even though she herself didn't seem to realise this. Mizukawa commented that even when they are all busy filming, whenever Ayase appears on the set, she makes the whole atmosphere more enjoyable and less tense. Miura also praised Ayase for having a good effect on the mood on set. When the producer commented that Ayase has done a lot as the lead to pull everyone along, she commented innocently that she doesn't feel that she has done anything to which Mizukawa said smilingly that their lead's charm is that because she doesn't do things knowingly or on purpose.

Source: Oricon


chan said...

l have good wishes for Ayase who plays as good as Keira Knightley neck and neck.

Chiaki said...

Ayase's role was played by Carey Mulligan, not Kiera Knightley in the movie version so Knightley's counterpart in this drama should be Mizukawa Asami instead.