Sunday, January 10, 2016

Takahata Mitsuki & Takahashi Yu reportedly dating?

According to the latest issue of "FRIDAY", actress Takahata Mitsuki and singer-songwriter Takahashi Yu were caught on a date in Shibuya. The couple met up at a famous yakitori restaurant located in a corner of Shibuya filled with love hotels and adult sex toys shops and were seen sitting at the counter side by side. After having dinner and drinks for four hours, the couple left the place at 1am and walked towards the Shibuya station where they took a taxi together.

Takahata and Takahashi were said to have met when the latter sang the theme song for the NTV 2010 drama "Q10" which Takahata had acted in. In her blog, she also mentioned before that she is a fan of Takahashi, went to his concert to get his CD signed and strongly recommended the song to her fans.

Takahata will be seen in the upcoming FujiTV Winter 2016 Gekku "Itsuka kono koi wo omoi dashite kitto naite shimau" and take on the leading role in the next NHK morning drama "Toto Nee-chan". The movie "Shokubutsu Zukan" which features her as the heroine, will be shown in cinemas from June. This is her first romance rumour to date. On the other hand, Takahashi was scouted by an agency while performing in a livehouse when he was still an university student in Hokkaido. He was the second Japanese after Ono Yoko to be featured in a commercial on "New York Times: in 2011 and his latest song "Klaxon" will be the theme song for TBS Winter 2016 drama "Akutoutachi wa Senri wo Hashiru".

Source: FRIDAY /  Real Live

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